Days 11&12

I have been slacking with updates these past few days because of how busy we have been and how tired I was for a few days. It’s hard to say if my exhaustion is due to changing of my thyroid medicine, every day life, or most likely a combination of both.

Thursday I did really well but I cheated… I got on the scale. One of the rules is to stay off the scale for the full 30 days. It’s so hard not to weigh yourself when you are making big changes to your diet. I am going to hide my scale in the closet so it doesn’t tempt me as much and I can focus on my non-scale victories. I haven’t felt quite as sore lately so I am hoping once I reintroduce things I will be able to determine if I have a food sensitivity. I also noticed my skinny jeans are not as tight in the waist (bonus!). On Thursday, for breakfast I had pumpkin chia seed pudding, chili for lunch, an apple as a snack, and dinner was chicken tenders with sweet potato soup and some veggies. The chicken was so good and husband and son approved! Here is the link to the chicken recipe I used


On Friday, I felt pretty good but still tired. For breakfast I made scrambled eggs with a little salt and pepper and ¼ of a banana (my son stole the rest!). At lunch I had some leftover chicken tenders with whole 30 ketchup and green beans and an apple later as a snack. We had some running around to do last night and I didn’t a chance to prep anything for dinner Thursday night, so we went to Eat N’ Park. I ordered a veggie omelet with no cheese, a fruit cup, no potatoes on the side, and no bread. I figured this was my safest choice but not sure what kind of oil they used to cook it. When we got our bill they gave my son a smiley cookie, which is one of my favorites but I honestly wasn’t even tempted. I know I can make it through these next few weeks if I have gotten this far without any food cheating! Once we got home from our running, I chopped up everything I needed to double my chili recipe and measured out my spices so I can quickly make it in the morning. I like having a few things to grab quickly from the freezer in case I don’t feel like cooking.

Today is my son’s birthday and we plan on taking him to get a donut for breakfast. In order not eat anything out, I will make sure to eat breakfast before we go. Today is also one of my nephew’s birthdays and we will be celebrating with family later on so I will pack up my chili so I have something to eat there. I know I as long as I make things I enjoy and plan around life I will be able to stick to these 30 days.


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